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Xinhua News Agency helps Tianjin Postal Museum go global
Xinhua News Agency helps Tianjin Postal Museum go global
| China Post |2020-05-21

To greet the approach of the International Museum Day (May 18), Xinhua News Agency specially produced a video "VLOG: Exploring Museums in Tianjin" on May 14 and released the article Tianjin Postal Museum Introducing the Modern History of China Post in Japanese, promoting some of the rare exhibits in Tianjin Postal Museum to Japanese people and introducing the history of China Post, thereby facilitating Tianjin Postal Museum to go global.

Tianjin is the birthplace of China’s modern postal service. China’s first postal notice and first postal route were born here. And Tianjin Postal Museum is the only existing post office premises of the Qing Dynasty and the landmark of modern post in China. The abundant exhibits in the museum not only present the changes of the modern postal history in China, but also reflect the rise and fall of China’s modern history and economy. In recent years, Tianjin Postal Branch has always been committed to building Tianjin Postal Museum into an important showcase and practice education base to publicize modern Chinese history, promote traditional Chinese culture and display corporate image. In 2019, Tianjin Postal Museum was selected as one of the 20 excellent cultural tourism routes recommended by Tianjin municipal government, it joined the Tianjin Museum Cultural Tourism Development Alliance and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Museum Coordinated Development Alliance. In the assessment in 2019, it won the second place in the industrial museums of the whole city. In 2018, Tianjin Postal Museum was invited to a cultural program on China’s Central Television (CCTV1) talking about the history of China Post and the precious value of family letters. In 2019, it participated twice in the filming of special TV programs on Tianjin TV Station and was highly recognized by Tianjin municipal government and all sections of society.

Affected by the epidemic this year, Tianjin Postal Museum has not yet opened. Therefore, Xinhua News Agency particularly produced the video "VLOG: Exploring Museums in Tianjin ", promoting Tianjin Postal Museum in the first place. Viewers can log on to the official website and mobile app of Xinhua News Agency to watch the video online.

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