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China Post wins Awards of Excellence of ISPI
China Post wins Awards of Excellence of ISPI
| China Post |2020-05-25

From May 15th to 17th, the annual conference for 2020 International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) and the awarding ceremony were held through an online conference. The two submissions sent by China Post, “To boost credit card activation rate through performance improvement” and “To boost pick-up business through performance improvement”, were selected as recipients of the 2020 ISPI Awards of Excellence (Outstanding Human Performance Intervention Award).

This is the first time China Post has applied for and won the highest award in the field of global performance improvement. It represents that China Post’s performance improvement innovation practice has been recognized by the authoritative international organization, and it bears milestone significance. The organizing committee gave high praise in the awarding notice: “Your excellence in wining this award sets you and your organization up as a shining example of the power of performance improvement accomplished with excellence!”

It is understood that the two award-wining projects are the performance improvement practice projects conducted by the CPC Party School of China Post in 2019. The practice projects were launched in May 2019, mainly focusing on the key areas, weak links and opportunities in terms of financial and postal services of the municipal-level postal enterprises. Special researches were also launched in accordance with the model of “pinpointing business strategy — identifying business problems — analyzing performance gaps — designing practice plans — innovating practice means — promoting business growth — evaluating performance improvement”. After nearly 6 months of research and practice, including empowered by the Party school training, program formulation, and pilot implementation, it has successfully helped the five pilot enterprises to turn their related businesses from weak to strong, surpassing the performance targets in advance. The practical implementation of performance improvement technology is not only a typical practice of comprehensively implementing the Group’s strategic deployment of finding gaps with “three perspectives” (customers, competition and best industry practice) and promoting reform with “three principles” (industry, market and value), but also an active use of correct working methods by the CPC Party School of China Post to promote the successful exploration of project research innovations and commercial application of learning achievements, which provides a vivid practical case for postal enterprises at all levels to implement the Group’s strategy, improve operational quality and efficiency and achieve high-quality development.

Founded in America in 1962, the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) is an authoritative professional organization dedicated to improving productivity and performance. The Association organizes and selects the Awards of Excellence (Outstanding Human Performance Intervention Award) across the world every year. It aims to discover the organizations or enterprises that have carried out performance improvement practices and achieved remarkable results, and to recognize their outstanding contributions in performance improvement. The award represents the highest world level in the field of performance improvement and is given according to ten strict standards, namely, focusing on results or outcomes, taking a systemic view, adding value, working in partnership with clients and stakeholders, determining need or opportunity, determining cause, designing solutions including implementation and evaluation, ensuring solutions’ conformity and feasibility, implementing solutions, evaluating results and impact.

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