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China Post and Gree join hands in a new retail livestreaming campaign
China Post and Gree join hands in a new retail livestreaming campaign
| China Post |2020-06-02

Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai joined hands with China Post in a livestreaming campaign, Gree, Creating New Healthy Life, between10:00 am and 12:00 am, 20:00 pm and 24:00 pm on June 1. Dong Mingzhu, the Chairwoman and President of Gree Electric Appliances, together with some 30,000 offline Gree stores across China and in cooperation with 8 online platforms including China Post Media, opened online services simultaneously and officially kicked off the brand day new retail livestreaming campaign. The ecommerce platform of China Post, ule.com, also supported the campaign through an online promotion, providing rebate offers for hot-selling products.

It is known that before the campaign, China Post coordinated its multiple business segments including e-commerce, postal service, advertising media, express delivery etc., and developed a scheme for the whole range of the campaign from promotion to online sales to the livestream. With the help of the message forwarding function of the WeChat marketing group on the China Post Media platform, China Post helped Dong Mingzhu Online Store and the Gree official store at ule.com to attract more audience and traffic so as to warm up for this livestream. On the day of the campaign, China Post not only launched the synchronized livestreaming on China Post Media platform but also set up a special zone for the campaign of Gree appliances at ule.com, where members of Youtehui (special offers at ule.com) can purchase Gree appliances at steep discounts after claiming special coupons, and the non-members can enjoy a 30-day member benefit after their purchase of Gree products. After the campaign, China Post will deliver the products to the customers in time via its own delivery services so as to enhance the overall customer experience.

According to statistics, by the end of the campaign, the article, Gree and China Post Initiate New Healthy Life, at the WeChat marketing group on China Post Media platform, has been forwarded 43,700 times, with 263,300 views. The ule.com totally launched 39 types of Gree products for the campaign, attracting 400,000 viewers, generating a total of 708 orders and achieving a sales of 795,000 yuan (about 112,150 US dollars).

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