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The country's first “China Post” international cargo mail charter flights taking off in Jiangxi Province
The country's first “China Post” international cargo mail charter flights taking off in Jiangxi Province
| China Post |2020-04-13



"I now announce the official departure of the China Post cargo mail charter flights from Nanchang, China to Amsterdam, the Netherlands and from Nanchang, China to Osaka, Japan," Wu Zhongqiong, vice governor of Jiangxi provincial people's government, said at the ceremony on April 12. The first “China Post” international cargo mail charter flights, loaded with 55 tons of epidemic prevention materials, export goods and mail, departed from Nanchang Changbei International Airport for Europe and Japan. This marks China Post has taken a new step in helping local governments improve their international air transport capacity, foster their competitive advantages in foreign trade, support the enterprises to resume work and production, and promote the development of cross-border e-commerce.


Wu Zhongqiong (middle), vice governor of Jiangxi Province, announces the departure of “China Post” international cargo mail charter flights.


To further implement the spirit of executive meeting of the State Council on March 24, China Post Group Co., Ltd., giving much importance and bearing the responsibilities of the "national team" of the postal industry, took quick actions and coordinated the postal enterprises nationwide to accelerate the launch of the international charter flights, pioneered the international cargo mail routes in Jiangxi Province, so as to support Jiangxi provincial party committee and the provincial government in their strategic decision to “speed up the development of the international air cargo capacity" and “strive to make up for the weak link of air cargo ".


Li Jinliang, general manager of Jiangxi Postal Branch, introduces the preparations for the opening of the cargo mail charter flights.


Under the direct organization of the Department of Commerce of Jiangxi Province, with the support of the Jiangxi Development and Reform Commission , Nanchang Customs District, Nanchang Municipal Committee and Municipal Government, CAAC Jiangxi Safety Oversight Administration, Jiangxi Provincial Postal Administration, Jiangxi Airports Group, Nanchang Changbei International Airport Police Station, China Eastern Airlines, Xiamen Air, Jiangxi Air etc., after half a month of intensive preparation and hard work, the postal enterprises eventually determined for “China Post” to launch two international air routes for cargo mail, Nanchang-Amsterdam and Nanchang-Osaka, from April 12 onwards. The first batch of goods mainly includes epidemic prevention materials, such as masks and protective clothing, export goods from foreign trade enterprises and international mail. Materials and mail from Jiangxi will be forwarded to other parts of the world, so as to effectively help the world epidemic containment and provide strong support for Chinese products to “go global”.



"So far, 34 enterprises in Jiangxi Province have reported the demand for air logistics and transportation of 654 tons of export goods to 22 countries and regions. We will make every effort to organize the operation, further improve the international air transportation capacity and stabilize the international supply chain," said an official in charge of the Parcel, Express and Logistics Business Unit of China Post Group Co., Ltd.. Next, China Post will organize its branches of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities to cooperate with local governments, continue to increase international routes, improve the layout of the network of the international air cargo transportation, increase the capacity of the international air freight, and play the role of the "national team" in order to protect the smooth operation of the international supply chain, assist enterprises to resume work and production, and boost the local export-oriented economy development.



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