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China- Europe freight trains “China Post” depart from Chengdu and Hefei on the same day
China- Europe freight trains “China Post” depart from Chengdu and Hefei on the same day
| China Post |2020-06-15

On June 11, the launching ceremony of China-Europe freight train (Chengdu) "Sichuan Postal Branch" was held in the International Logistics Park, Chengxiang Town, Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu. The train will pass through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and finally arrive in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, in 18 days. On the same day, Anhui Postal Branch set China-Europe freight train (Hefei-Hamburg) off from Hefei North Station Logistics Center, which carries 1851 cases of goods with a total weight of 25 tons. It will leave China via Alashankou port in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and is expected to arrive in Hamburg, Germany, in 15 days.

"In response to the fact that sea and air transportation are blocked by the epidemic, Sichuan Postal Branch actively pushes forward the opening of special postal railway route to solve the export problems of cross-border e-commerce, which is of positive significance to promote the reshoring of enterprises and the aggregation of industrial chains," said Zhou Lizhi, Chief Economist of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce. In order to ensure the smooth and fast launch of the freight train "Sichuan Postal Branch" and help cross-border e-commerce export businesses to solve the problem of backlog and delay in shipping caused by the epidemic, Sichuan Postal Branch has customized Chengdu-Europe freight train for cross-border e-commerce economical small packet delivery business. With the application of "China-Europe freight train (Chengdu) plus overseas express joint transportation" business mode, Sichuan Postal Branch helps the products made in Sichuan reach Europe and further achieves the goal of "Sichuan goods going all over the world". It is known that China-Europe (Chengdu) freight train "Sichuan Postal Branch" carries 41 standard containers of nearly 541 tons of goods, which are mainly goods for overseas warehouses, covering lamps, hand tools, decorative articles, earphones, fans, hair cutting scissors, vacuum cleaners, etc.

In order to speed up the business development of commercial channels in Anhui Province and cope with the problem of blocked international logistics channels under the current epidemic situation, Anhui Postal Branch, together with Hefei International Land Port Development Co., Ltd., has made full use of the resources and advantages of logistics network to successfully open the railway transport to Europe. The two sides have made optimized, feasible and easy-to-operate business plans, on the basis of win-win cooperation, to improve the efficiency of cross-border delivery service. Taking excellent and efficient service quality as the cooperation model, both sides have made efforts to push forward the integration development of cross-border e-commerce postal package business in Anhui Province and Hefei-Europe freight train. Through highlighting the transportation advantage of China-Europe freight train and the network advantage of China Post, the two sides merge their respective strength to form the core logistics and transportation competitiveness so as to promote the high-level and high-quality development of the business mode "Hefei-Xinjiang-Europe plus mail transportation".

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