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Air mail routes from Jinan to Tokyo and Incheon officially opened
Air mail routes from Jinan to Tokyo and Incheon officially opened
| www.iqilu.com |2020-06-16



At 6:45 on June 16, a Boeing 737 all-cargo flight loaded with 6.6 tons of international mail items successfully took off from Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport, thus the "China Post " international mail charter flight between Jinan and Tokyo was officially launched by Shandong Postal Branch and Shandong Airlines with refitted passenger aircraft. This indicates that Shandong Postal Branch has taken a new step forward in helping local companies improve international air transport capacity and enhance the competitive advantage of foreign trade, supporting them to resume work and production, and promoting the development of cross-border e-commerce.



Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, international flights from Shandong to Japan and South Korea have been significantly suspended and reduced. However, as Shandong Province is adjacent to Japan and South Korea, people there have strong demands for international mail service and foreign trade and cross-border e-commerce export service. In order to meet the needs of mail service to Japan and South Korea to the greatest extent, Shandong Postal Branch has been committed to developing multi-channel and multi-mode international mail routes. After opening the maritime mail routes from Qingdao to the United States and Japan, Shandong Postal Branch signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shandong Airlines on June 15. On June 16, international air mail routes, "China Post " flights Jinan-Tokyo and Jinan–Incheon, are opened, as an important event in their strategic cooperation—cooperation in the field of international air transportation. Using the refitted passenger flights of Shandong Airlines, the aircraft fly from Yaoqiang International Airport to Tokyo at 6:45 am and to Incheon at 3:00 pm every day, six days a week. These two direct flights from Jinan to Japan and South Korea, with sufficient transportation capacity, reduce transportation time by 1-2 days. As a result, the logistics efficiency of the exports from Shandong to Japan and South Korea will be accelerated, local people’s experience of international mail service will be improved, and the competitive edge of the foreign trade and cross-border e-commerce companies in Shandong Province will be further strengthened.



Shouldering the responsibilities of State-owned enterprise, Shandong Postal Branch focuses on channel construction and has developed a multi-dimensional logistics system. Since March this year, it has opened more than 20 international airlines. By accelerating the construction of independent international network, and integrating all-cargo aircraft, China-Europe freight trains, intercontinental express vessels and other resources, Shandong Postal Branch builds an all-round, multi-dimensional and integrated international express logistics system with air, sea, land and railway transportation means, striving to facilitate the development of international logistics and international trade Shandong Province.

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