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China-Europe block train (Hefei-Hamburg) launched by Anhui Postal Branch makes its debut
China-Europe block train (Hefei-Hamburg) launched by Anhui Postal Branch makes its debut
| www.anhuinews.com |2020-06-16

On the afternoon of June 10, the first batch of cargo mail of Anhui Postal Branch carried by China-Europe block train started its journey from Hefei North Railway Station to Hamburg, Germany, thousands of miles away. The cargo mainly consists of 22.7 tons of ceramic cups. This represents an important milestone, a new business form, and new channel for the cooperation of “Hefei Xinjiang Europe plus mail transport” between Anhui Postal Branch and Hefei International Land Port Development Co., Ltd., which opens up a “green channel” for international mail to be shipped abroad from Anhui Province during the epidemic.

With the further development of the “Belt and Road” Initiative, China-Europe freight train has become a major carrier in promoting the economic and trade development between China and countries along the Belt and Road. To accelerate the mail transport of Anhui Province, Hefei International Land Port Development Co., Ltd., Hefei North Railway Station and Luzhou Customs work together to precisely aim at the needs of postal enterprises and customize the postal freight train for Anhui Postal Branch. At the same time, Hefei International Land Port Development Co., Ltd. and Anhui Postal Branch work in joint efforts to make optimized, feasible business plans on the basis of win-win cooperation to improve the efficiency of cross-border mail delivery services. Taking excellent and efficient service quality as the cooperation model, both parties have made efforts to push forward the integration development of cross-border e-commerce postal package business in Anhui Province and Hefei-Europe freight train. Through highlighting the transportation advantage of China-Europe freight train and the network advantage of China Post, the two sides merge their respective strength to form the core logistics and transportation competitiveness so as to promote the high-level and high-quality development of the business mode “Hefei-Xinjiang-Europe + mail transportation”.

China-Europe freight train has the unique advantages of timely, all-weather and segmented transport services. Hefei International Land Port Development Co., Ltd. has made every effort to guarantee the local enterprises the priority of every link of operation from acceptance, loading to dispatch of the cargo to ensure the stability, safety and smooth and efficient operation of the Hefei-Europe freight train. The successful dispatch of mail through China-Europe freight train by Anhui Postal Branch has improved the transportation capacity of the logistics channel, opened a new path for products made in Anhui to enter the international market, and strengthened trade cooperation among countries along the Belt and Road. Hefei International Land Port Development Co., Ltd. will continue to deepen the cooperation with Anhui Postal Branch, expand its directions, always focus on the needs of the enterprises, earnestly shoulder the responsibility of promoting the construction of the Belt and Road, make every effort to build top-class postal freight train, boost the new development of international logistics channels, and build a new pattern of economic development for inland provinces.



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