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Beijing Postal Branch launches “cloud mailing and postal cloud warehousing” service for the special graduation season
Beijing Postal Branch launches “cloud mailing and postal cloud warehousing” service for the special graduation season
| China Post |2020-07-06

June is the graduation season for colleges and universities in Beijing. However, the graduates this year couldn’t return to school for their commencements because of the outbreak of COVID-19. Nor could they take back their graduation certificates, files and belongings from their colleges in person. Therefore, how to send them their items became a difficult problem for colleges and universities in Beijing and their 220,000 graduates. To solve this problem, Beijing Postal Branch innovated its service mode. It assisted colleges and universities to send graduation certificates, files and other important documents to students outside Beijing on the one hand. On the other hand, it provided college teachers and students with thoughtful and meticulous services through cloud mailing, postal cloud warehousing and other remote mailing, centralized onsite collection, and temporary storage services of small and medium-sized items. Up to July 1, Beijing Postal Branch has already sent 33,700 parcels for graduates from 30 colleges and universities.

In response to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, Beijing Postal Branch communicated with colleges and universities in advance and formulated individualized “cloud mailing” solutions based on their actual needs. At the collection site of Daxing Campus of Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, postal employees had one-to-one communication with students by means of luggage packing livestreaming, and carefully wrote down the lists of items and names and addresses. On the campus of China University of Mining and Technology, postal employees set collection points at the doors of the students’ dormitories. When the teachers packed the students’ luggage up, the postal employees, with the help of the teachers, would carefully check up, package and weigh the items one by one according to the room numbers and the students’ names, and then move all the parcels to the collection sites downstairs for collection and loading onto the mail trucks.

Apart from those asking to send their luggage back to their hometown, many graduates wanted to stay in Beijing to get a job or to pursue further study at a graduate school, and their luggage had nowhere to go for a while. So, Beijing Postal Branch set up a postal cloud warehouse at Shunyi warehousing center. At the same time, it worked with colleges and universities to settle storage sites and provided graduates with free temporary storage service so that they could pick up their parcels from the storage or have the parcels redirected to their new residence when they return to Beijing. In this course, designated customer service staff will track the status of the campus parcels from the beginning to the end.

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