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Shenyang postal port implements integrated customs clearance in import and export business
Shenyang postal port implements integrated customs clearance in import and export business
| www.xinhuanet.com |2020-07-19

At 10:40 a.m. July 16, a mail item sent from Shenyang to Switzerland went through a quick inspection and completed customs clearance at the customs surveillance zone of Shenyang postal branch. This is the first export business handled after the 9610 cross-border e-commerce import business customs clearance mode (hereinafter referred to as 9610 mode) was launched last year in Shenyang.

On the same day, the Shenyang Cross-border E-commerce Export Business 9610 Mode Launching and Contract Signing Ceremony, jointly organized by Shenyang Municipal Commerce Bureau, Liaoning Postal Branch of China Post Group Corporation Limited and other organizations, was held in Shenyang. The successful launching of the service opens both import and export channel via the 9610 mode, which enables Shenyang postal port to carry out supervision over the three kinds of services of international mail, international express and cross-border e-commerce simultaneously, thereby Shenyang postal port has become the only port possessing the “three in one” integrated customs clearance function in Northeast China.

It is known that 9610 is a customs surveillance code standing for “cross-border e-commerce”. Shenyang has successively launched 1210 and 9610 import business since it was approved to become one of the national-level cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones in China in 2018.

The launching of 9610 mode is an important measure taken by Shenyang to stabilize foreign trade, protect market entities and maintain the stability of industrial and supply chains. The implementation of the “three in one” integrated customs clearance mode in import and export business in Shenyang postal port will better facilitate enterprises to expand international market and enable ordinary people to enjoy the convenience of “cross-border online shopping”. It is estimated that cross-border e-commerce export business via 9610 mode in Shenyang this year will reach about 800,000 transactions with a total value of about 60 million yuan (about $8.56 million).

It is reported that Shenyang International Mail Processing Center invested by China Post in Sujiatun will be put into operation this year. When the time comes, the information-based, intelligent, automated and integrated operation of customs clearance will be realized, and the efficiency will be further improved to promote the cross-border e-commerce development in Liaoning Province.

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