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Special stamps Pudong in the New Era to be issued
Special stamps Pudong in the New Era to be issued
| China Post |2020-07-17



On July 20, 2020, China Post is to issue a set of 5 special stamps entitled Pudong in the New Era with the themes of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, Zhangjiang Science City, Lujiazui Financial District, East Bank of the Huangpu River and Yangshan Port.



The stamps are printed with 10 μm frequency modulation screening technology, and rendered with Koldfoil and full-color fluorescent printing technology.

Through Koldfoil technology, the intermingling of thick and thin lines and the combination of lines and planes make the stamp patterns more distinct. In the sunlight, the koldfoil pictures and text reflect a colorful luster, and the unique lines of light and shade vividly and dynamically manifest the sense of modernity and the atmosphere of science of Pudong in the new era. From different angles, the colorful lines and planes are perfectly combined, more colorful than the rainbow, which skillfully shows Pudong's endless development momentum and broad prospect in the new era. The glittering stamp designs perfectly present the glorious development achievements of the vibrant Pudong New Area over the past 30 years.

Under a UV lamp, the stamps will display a brilliant full-color fluorescent effect, breaking through the history of stamps with only monochromatic fluorescence. With the 3rd stamp design Lujiazui Financial District as the center, the full-color fluorescence gradually extends to both sides, presenting Zhangjiang Science City, China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, East Bank of Huangpu River and Yangshan Port in a brand-new way, and depicting the glorious achievements of Shanghai Pudong in the past 30 years from another perspective.

Pull up the WeChat mini-program “中国集邮百科” (Philatelic Encyclopedia of China) and use AR scan to identify the stamps, viewers can also watch the video of the Pudong in the New Era stamps and enjoy a richer appreciation experience.




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