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China Postal Airlines rushes anti-epidemic supplies to Urumqi
China Postal Airlines rushes anti-epidemic supplies to Urumqi
| China Post |2020-07-24

In response to the requirements of National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China and Civil Aviation Administration of China, and the arrangement of China Post Group Corporation Limited, CF9129 flight from China Postal Airlines loaded with medical supplies and mail items addressed to Xinjiang took off at Nanjing Lukou International Airport in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province at 16:51 July 23, and arrived at Urumqi Diwobao International Airport in Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region at 21:24. The supplies and mail items on board the aircraft were handed over to the departments concerned immediately after being unloaded.

Up to this point, the Nanjing-Urumqi air green channel was officially opened. Through this air channel, all medical supplies dispatched to Urumqi from all over China and the inbound mail items to Xinjiang, after entering China Post independent air distribution network and converging in Nanjing, can be swiftly transported to their destination. The opening of this air green channel has effectively alleviated the shortage of air transport capacity to and from Xinjiang caused by the reduction of civil aviation passenger flights after the outbreak of the epidemic in Urumqi. As is reported, the Nanjing-Urumqi temporary charter flight will be operated by a Boeing 757-200 aircraft once a day from July 23 to 31.



China Postal Airlines started its operation mechanism for the anti-epidemic flight immediately after its National Defense Mobilization Office received the tasks of opening the Nanjing-Urumqi temporary charter flight route and transporting anti-epidemic medical supplies and mail items into Xinjiang. The Airlines Operations Control Center led related departments to review the operational risks and epidemic prevention and control risks, and urgently worked out the single-engine drift down procedure and depressurization and emergency descent procedures of the flight. Within 12 hours, a flight performance appraisal report was compiled and finalized, an implementation scheme of Urumqi temporary charter flight was made and released, a preflight preparation meeting was organized to further clarify the support and risk control procedures, and a special flight performance training was conducted for the crew members of the first flight. Two experienced ground support employees from the Network Support Department were dispatched to Urumqi on the afternoon of July 22 to complete communication with the airport there about the support procedures.



At the same time, different departments of the Nanjing Branch of China Postal Airlines quickly plunged into preparation in accordance with the requirements of the pre-notification. The Flight Management Department of the branch quickly finished selecting the crew members. Nanjing Maintenance and Engineering Department made urgent mobilization and called all its divisions for discussion. Taking the Wuhan support mode as a reference, they developed several solutions before the flight schedule and the type of aircraft were decided, and made every effort to ensure the smooth operation of the charter flight. Being short-staffed, they deployed the elite manpower to the front line.



At 12:40 today, Nanjing Branch starts the rapid support procedure immediately after the relevant anti-epidemic supplies and mail items enter the operation process of the branch. The branch leaders coordinate and guide the whole process on the spot. And employees race against the clock in the links of security inspection, collection and transfer, assembly, and loading onto the aircraft.



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