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The first convenience drugstore independently operated by Beijing Postal Branch set up in Fangshan District
The first convenience drugstore independently operated by Beijing Postal Branch set up in Fangshan District
| China Post |2020-07-23

On July 14, the first postal convenience drugstore was set up in Qinglonghu Post Office, Fangshan District, Beijing.

By hiring licensed pharmacists and obtaining drug business licenses, the postal convenience drugstore shares the business site of Qinglonghu Post Office and mainly serves the residents of surrounding communities. Besides basic postal services and value-added business, its business scope has been expanded to the retail and distribution services of drugs, daily necessities and so on. The drugstore is now mainly engaged in more than 1000 kinds of prescription drugs and OTC drugs, in which customers can not only enjoy daily health care services such as free blood pressure measurement, but also receive a membership discount by using postal savings debit cards and credit cards. Meanwhile, in cooperation with network doctors, the drugstore can provide online services such as remote medication consultation and health consultation for the surrounding people, as well as "telephone ordering and door-to-door drug delivery" services for residents who are less able to move.

As we know, the expansion of drug retail service in the postal outlet is another new measure for Beijing Postal Branch to give full play to the advantages of multi services, maximize the convenient and inclusive function of postal outlets and build a comprehensive service platform. It is also a breakthrough made by postal enterprises in smart retail and pharmaceutical retail to improve the drug supply guarantee capacity in rural areas and remote areas. In the future, the business mode of postal convenience drugstores can be replicated and promoted in qualified postal outlets, so that the postal convenience service can benefit more people.

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