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Chinese delegation attends APPU EC 2020 plenary meeting
Chinese delegation attends APPU EC 2020 plenary meeting
| China Post |2020-07-30

On July 22 Beijing time, the Asian-Pacific Postal Union (hereinafter referred to as APPU) held the Executive Council (EC) 2020 plenary meeting remotely via Internet.

Lin Hongliang, Secretary-General of APPU, Bishar A. Hussein, Director-General of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), and the representatives of postal administrations and designated operators from the 25 APPU member countries attended the meeting. The Chinese delegation, headed by Zhao Min, Deputy Director of the State Post Bureau, and consisting of representatives from the State Post Bureau, China Post Group Corporation Limited, Hong Kong Post Office, and Macao Post and Telecommunications (CTT), attended the meeting.

Bishar A. Hussein attended and addressed the online meeting as an observer. He noted that the Asia-Pacific region is the most vibrant region in the world. The UPU can’t carry out its work smoothly without the support of the APPU. He especially expressed his appreciation to China, Japan and some other countries for their contributions to the reform and development of the UPU.

The State Post Bureau delivered a keynote speech on China’s strategies and measures in coping with the COVID-19 epidemic. From the aspects of strengthening international anti-epidemic cooperation, unblocking international mail channel and network as well as organizing work resumption to ensure people's livelihood, it introduced the initiatives taken by the postal administrations in China in coordinating epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development and the typical cases of the postal express companies in China actively innovating products, technologies and service modes, and giving full play to the basic functions of public services to ensure the needs of people's daily lives and contribute to the overall interests of international epidemic prevention.

This plenary meeting had 24 items on the agenda. It reviewed the work report, the financial report and the budget of APPU, the work report of the Asia Pacific Post Cooperative, the work report of the Asia Pacific Technology Center, and the reports of different committees and working groups. It also approved the work plan for 2021, and introduced the 27th UPU Congress, the 2021 APPU Congress and the election of the new secretary-general of APPU.

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