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Philatelic Week 2020 kicks off
Philatelic Week 2020 kicks off
| China Post News |2020-08-19

Sponsored by All-China Philatelic Federation and China Post Group Corporation Limited, the Philatelic Week 2020 campaign will be launched nationwide from August 19 to August 25. The campaign continues the theme of “Chinese Dream, Philatelic Passion”, and consists of 7 special themes and 12 member reward events for the 7 special days, enabling philatelists to share the philatelic carnival.

The 7 special themes for the 7 days include health, science and technology, members, history of the CPC, youth, Chinese zodiac and love. Each day will be in line with a national key event. For example, there will be a first-issue ceremony for the special stamp “Hua Tuo” and the celebration of China's Medical Workers' Day, "gurus talking about stamps" on the day of new philatelic products launching, cloud classroom of philately for youngsters and so on. In addition, postal enterprises at all levels will collaborate with relevant authorities and organize local philatelic experts and enthusiasts to carry out rich and colorful events. Meanwhile, in order to give back to its philatelic members, China Post Group will host up to 12 member reward events through China Post online service platform, WeChat mini program and philatelic offline retail outlets.

As is reported, on the basis of the overall planning of “activities every day, focal points everywhere, and gains for everyone”, postal enterprises and philatelic societies at all levels will work together to carry out various online and offline philatelic business publicity events in accordance with respective themes and regional characteristics, aiming to facilitate community philatelic mainstays and philatelic enthusiasts to actively participate in a variety of events during the Philatelic Week, further enhance the cultural influence of philately, continuously cultivate the philatelic market, and make the annual Philatelic Week a festival for philatelists.

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