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Stamp commemorating publication centenary of the Chinese version of Communist Manifesto to be issued
Stamp commemorating publication centenary of the Chinese version of Communist Manifesto to be issued
| China Post News |2020-08-18

The Communist Manifesto published in 1848 is the first guideline literature for scientific socialism. And the year 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the publication of its full Chinese version translated by Mr. Chen Wangdao. In honor of this history, China Post Group Corporation Limited will issue a set of commemorative stamp (one piece) in Shanghai and Yiwu, Zhejiang, simultaneously on August 22. A set of 10 commemorative envelopes featuring multiple Chinese versions of The Communist Manifesto translated by Chen Wangdao, Bo Gu, Hua Gang, Cheng Fangwu and others are to be released synchronously.

In August 1920, the early Shanghai Communist group, the first Communist organization in China and actually working as the founding group of the Communist Party of China (CPC), was established at No. 2 Old Yuyangli in the Shanghai French Concession. Under the leadership of the founding group of the CPC, the Shanghai Socialist Youth League was established at No.6 New Yuyangli on August 22, 1920. From spreading Marxist thought, leading the progressive youth, to preparing for the first and second national congresses of the CPC, Yuyangli ignited the flames of the Chinese revolution, thereby bearing a significant status and function in the history of the CPC.

In order to show the important correlation between Huangpu District—the birthplace of Communist revolution and the publication of the full Chinese version of The Communist Manifesto, the Publicity Department of CPC Huangpu District Committee and Shanghai Postal Branch will hold a first-issue campaign for the commemorative stamp mentioned above at the former editorial office of New Youth magazine, the site where the founding group of the CPC was established, on August 22. Shanghai Postal Branch has produced 5 promotional meter stamps in accordance with the 5 different geographical locations related to the Manifesto, from asking for translation, proofreading and preparing for printing, first printing, distributing and selling to the exhibition hall, with stamping service to be provided at corresponding local postal outlets in four of these locations. Yiwu Branch will also introduce a promotional meter stamp for the first translation place of The Communist Manifesto on August 22, with the stamp design being Chen Wangdao in the middle of the translation. All the 6 meter stamps in this series are very valuable for collection.

On the same day, Mr. Li Chen, the designer of the commemorative stamp, will sign on the spot at one of the campaign venues — Luwan Post Office, No.7 Sinan Road, Shanghai, and interact with philatelic fans.

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