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China Post Group focuses on E-commerce Festival to build a postal rural e-commerce ecosystem
China Post Group focuses on E-commerce Festival to build a postal rural e-commerce ecosystem
| China Post News |2020-08-28

Recently, China Post Group Corporation Limited (hereafter referred to as China Post Group) issued the 2020 September 19 Postal E-commerce Festival activity plan. The year 2020 is a concluding as well as a decisive one for securing a victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and fighting against poverty. The fourth September 19 Postal E-commerce Festival will further implement the new development philosophy, highlight the theme of "China Post facilitating poverty alleviation and benefiting rural households", and develop a rural e-commerce ecosystem of China Post, promoting the high-quality development of rural e-commerce.

The activities of September 19 Postal E-commerce Festival in 2020 will focus on four aspects to develop a postal rural e-commerce ecosystem.

The first focus is on benefiting farmers. The Ecommerce Festival is one of the series of activities of Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival held by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. China Post will take this opportunity to build a platform connecting the production and sales of the postal farm produces, help new agricultural entities such as farmers' cooperatives solve the problem of sales, promote the "China Post Farm Produces" brand and disseminate projects of postal agricultural product bases. It will also cultivate leading anti-poverty products and focus on supporting COVID-19 affected areas, poverty-stricken areas and national-level poverty-stricken counties, thereby facilitating the fight against poverty.

The second focus is on membership. China Post will activate the membership of “Youshenghuo” (an app developed by ule.com for livelihood services), Youtehui, agent financial services, credit card points mall and the ULE system (a rural ecommerce management platform developed by ule.com), support the festival and provide benefits and interests to the members of China Post, develop a platform for the platforms, and promote the coordinated development of finance, delivery and postal service.

The third is on channels. China Post will implement the requirements for channel platform transformation and push forward the implementation of the channel management mode of "outlets plus offline ULE stations " through discount purchase by scanning QR code at outlets, red envelops (gift money) for members of ULE stations and application of big data, and foster a unique postal e-commerce festival featuring online & offline integrated development.

The fourth is on commodities. Through the combination of platform retail, cross-provincial promotion, direct procurement from production bases and direct supply to end users, China Post aims to foster leading agricultural products, stabilize orders generated through website traffic by cultivating memorable commodities, ensure the accuracy of commodities, customers and policies via the use of big data, and strengthen the offline promotion of excellent digital ULE stations, thus implementing whole process management and control, and fostering leading wholesale items.

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