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China Post breaks into top 100 of 2020 Fortune 500 list
China Post breaks into top 100 of 2020 Fortune 500 list
| China Post |2020-08-10

On August 10, Fortune magazine publishes the list of the Global 500 in 2020. China Post Group ranks 90th, 11 places higher than last year, and its annual revenue and profit ranks 2nd among postal companies in the world.

The number of companies from Chinese mainland and Hong Kong on the list has reached 124 this year, exceeding the United States (121) for the first time. Together with enterprises from Taiwan region, there are 133 Chinese companies on the list. The total revenue of 2020 Global 500 enterprises reaches 33 trillion US dollars, setting the newest record, close to the total GDP of China and the United States. The threshold for entry into the list (minimum sales revenue) also increased from 24.8 billion US dollars to 25.4 billion US dollars.

Eight enterprises from world postal and express industry are listed. Among them, Japan Post ranks 60th with 109.915 billion USD in revenue, China Post Group ranks 90th with 89.347 billion USD, United Parcel Service ranks 129th with 74.094 billion USD, and USPS, Deutsche Post DHL Group, FedEx, Poste Italiane and La Poste ranks 141th, 142th, 148th, 350th and 433th respectively. China Post Group has made great progress at a remarkable development speed, from ranking 258th in 2012 to 90th in 2020, breaking into top 100 for the first time. 




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