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September 19 Postal Ecommerce Festival in 2020 kicks off
September 19 Postal Ecommerce Festival in 2020 kicks off
| China Post |2020-08-31



As one of the series of events of Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Sept. 19 Postal Ecommerce Festival in 2020 officially kicked off on August 28. On the same day, China Post Group Corporation Limited (China Post Group) held a teleconference. Kang Ning, Vice President of China Post Group, attended the conference and made requirements for the development of postal rural e-commerce and the event of Sept. 19 Postal Ecommerce Festival in 2020. The leading official of China Post Ecommerce Distribution Bureau interpreted the scheme of the Festival.

Kang Ning pointed out that the year 2020 is crucial in fighting against poverty and building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. China Post bears significant responsibilities and glorious missions in boosting cooperation projects that benefit farmers and facilitating poverty alleviation. Taking “China Post facilitating poverty alleviation and benefiting rural households” as the theme, the Sept. 19 Postal Ecommerce Festival this year has four focal points, i.e., benefiting farmers, membership, channels and commodities. During the festival, China Post will be committed to developing special farm produces, scaling up leading items, integrating warehousing and distribution, expanding online and offline channels, and striving for standardized quality control and green packaging. It will push forward the implementation of business mode, the original customer acquisition, add-on services and business coordination to acquire, retain and activate customers through continuous improvement of customer experience, thereby winning market share and fostering the rural ecommerce ecosystem of China Post.

The conference called for utmost efforts to secure the success of the Sept. 19 Postal Ecommerce Festival so as to lay a good foundation for the sustainable and sound development of rural ecommerce. First is to attach great importance and reinforce organization and leadership. Relevant departments and units of China Post Group should perform their respective functions and duties. Postal branches of all provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) should keep policies unchanged and efforts not reduced, and ensure that the organization, leadership and support are put in place. Second is to cultivate leading items and activate members, thus increasing the traffic of the platforms. China Post will further develop “China Post Farm Produces” and leading anti-poverty products. It plans to hold a production and sales fair for farm produces, and focus on best-sellers to foster China Post members’ festival. Third is to strengthen offline promotion and add-on services and build high-quality digital ULE stations. It is necessary to implement channel management model, fulfil the four rounds of offline promotion conscientiously, enhance the overlaying of services in ULE stations and address the problems in the development of high-quality digital ULE stations. Fourth is to improve the quality of platform wholesale through the development of best-selling items. It is necessary to implement digital selection of commodities and make good use of the platform policies. Fifth is to give full play to the advantages of China Post and carry out publicity activities. China Post Group will strengthen publicity and promotion. Postal branches of all provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) must forward the promotional messages. Staff members in postal outlets should do well in guiding shopping, sharing items and publicizing. Meanwhile, it is necessary to coordinate with local governments, take an active part in the events of the 3rd Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival, and carry out practical public welfare activities to lift farmers out of poverty, thus improving the image of China Post.

It is reported that the Sept. 19 Postal Ecommerce Festival this year has three innovations. First is the innovation of the campaign content. During the campaign, China Post Group will hold the first production and sales fair for farm produces, release “China Post Farm Produces” items, and promote cooperation projects that benefit farmers and mode of agricultural product bases. It will set QR code scanning walls in postal outlets and take traffic-driving items and best-sellers as the starting point to carry out discount purchase activities by scanning the QR code, so as to drive both online and offline traffic. Second is the innovation of commodity supply. China Post Group will cultivate 10 memorable items with over 100,000 orders and 100 leading anti-poverty items with over 10,000 orders. Through the big data obtained after the high-quality digital ULE stations are completed, it will identify the TOP 20 brands across the whole network and the TOP 20 brands at provincial level so as to fully improve the competitiveness of the commodities. Third is the innovation of the participants. The campaign will activate the members of China Post, including members of online ULE platforms, offline ULE stores, agent financial services, and provide them with three important rights and benefits. It will release membership code mainly at high-quality digital ULE stations, where customers of the ULE stores can become members of the ULE system by scanning the code, and the members then receive the red envelopes of the platform for consumption at the stores, thus creating a B2B2C business mode.

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