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China Post and Xinhua News Agency start strategic cooperation V2.0
China Post and Xinhua News Agency start strategic cooperation V2.0
| China Post |2020-09-11

On the morning of September 10, Xinhua News Agency and China Post Group Corporation Limited jointly held a teleconference in Beijing on the distribution of key newspapers and periodicals of Xinhua News Agency in 2021, officially launching the subscription work of newspapers and periodicals in 2021. Gong Xixiang, Secretary General of Xinhua News Agency, and Kang Ning, Vice President of China Post Group respectively addressed the meeting. Zhang Yongping, Head of the General Manager’s Office of Xinhua News Agency, presided over the meeting.

Gong Xixiang said in his speech that China Post is a close strategic partner of Xinhua News Agency and the main distribution channel for its newspapers and periodicals. In the Future, challenges and opportunities will coexist. Faced with the new situation, Xinhua News Agency must foster stronger confidence in the content, positioning, quality and team of its newspapers and periodicals, give full play to the advantages of the unification and division combined distribution system adopted by China Post and Xinhua News Agency, and strive to facilitate subscription. Meanwhile, it will strengthen the development of the new media ports of its newspapers and periodicals, and reinforce content development in ways that are in line with the mobile Internet era, fulfilling its duties and missions and serving social development.

Kang Ning pointed out that since the establishment of strategic cooperation, Xinhua News Agency and China Post have adhered to the original aspirations of strategic cooperation, worked together to expand the newspapers and periodicals distribution market of Xinhua News Agency, and jointly consolidated this important field of publicity for the Communist Party of China. At the same time, Xinhua News Agency has taken advantage of its own media platform to continuously increase the publicity and coverage on the transformation and innovation of China Post, its efforts in serving people's livelihood and other initiatives, creating a good public opinion environment for the high-quality development of China Post. In the face of new situations, new business forms and new features emerging in the new stage of development, both sides should maintain strategic determination and jointly seek new paths, new growth drivers and new methods for cooperation and development. They should constantly change the inherent mode and conception, innovate the ways of marketing and publicity, take the project as the starting point to drive more online traffic, increase technological empowerment, stimulate new development vitality and form a new development pattern.

In terms of further deepening cooperation and innovative development, firstly, China Post will launch strategic cooperation V2.0 with Xinhua News Agency based on technological empowerment, according to Kang Ning. The distribution of newspapers and periodicals is the basic and iconic service of China Post. At present, it has developed a newspapers and periodicals distribution platform with the largest number of publications, the widest coverage and the strongest distribution network. This year, the new generation of supply chain system for books, newspapers and periodicals has been launched. The new generation of delivery platform will use the latest GIS electronic fence technology to improve the matching rate of the name and address data and the quality of delivery service. All these will bring new momentum and vitality into the strategic cooperation between the two sides. Secondly, China Post should make innovations from inheritance and form a strong synergy. It is necessary to start early, give full play to the experience accumulated by the postal enterprises in years of serving government, businesses and institutions, establish a "three in one" distribution mechanism of administrative authorities, bureaus of Xinhua News Agency and postal enterprises, find increment in the existing market, strive for breakthroughs in key markets, focus on the development of group clients, and make every effort to ensure the stable circulation of newspapers and periodicals of Xinhua News Agency. Thirdly, China Post should achieve development from innovation and conscientiously promote online subscription, enabling more Internet users to perceive the newspapers and periodicals of Xinhua News Agency. This year, China Post Group will strengthen the integration of online platform resources, specially establish an online platform operation group, and take a series of measures to prepare for the subscription. At the same time, it will carry out online subscription publicity to facilitate potential readers and subscribers. Fourthly, China Post should take service as the foundation, and cement the strategic cooperation with Xinhua News Agency. As newspapers and periodicals are increasingly market-based and readers are diverted with digital reading, the quality of delivery service has become the key to retaining and acquiring readers as well as expanding the market. China Post should give full play to the advantages of the entire postal network, focus on the promotion of Xinhua News Agency’s newspapers and periodicals, formulate practical distribution plans, and effectively improve the level of marketing services, thereby providing strong support for expanding distribution. At the same time, China Post must also attach great importance to the distribution of the subscribable restricted-readership publications of Xinhua News Agency.

The meeting highly recognized the postal branches which have made outstanding contributions to the distribution of newspapers and periodicals as well as subscribable restricted-readership publications of Xinhua News Agency in 2020, including postal branches of Heilongjiang, Shandong, Qinghai, Hainan, Liaoning, Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Sichuan and Guangdong, etc. It was attended by relevant executives of postal branches of 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities),Xinhua News Agency's newspapers and periodicals as well as its domestic bureaus. The executives of Heilongjiang and Shandong Postal Branches shared their experience.

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