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China Post signs strategic partnership agreement with Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
China Post signs strategic partnership agreement with Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
| China Post |2020-10-18

On October 17, China Post Group Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as China Post Group) signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (hereinafter referred to as BUPT) in Beijing.

Chairman Liu Aili, Vice Presidents Kang Ning and Wen Shaoqi of China Post Group, Secretary of the Party Committee Wu Jianwei, President Qiao Jianyong, Vice Presidents Zhao Jining and Wang Wenbo of BUPT attended the ceremony. Liu Aili and Qiao Jianyong delivered a speech respectively. Kang Ning and Wang Wenbo signed the agreement on behalf of both sides. Liu Aili and Wu Jianwei jointly unveiled “China Post Talent Cultivation Base”, “BUPT Talent Cultivation Base”, and “BUPT Ideological Education Base”.



Qiao Jianyong mentioned in his speech that signing strategic cooperation agreement with China Post Group on the 65th anniversary of BUPT marked a new stage of cooperation between the two sides. He expressed sincere thanks to China Post Group for its long-term attention to, care for and support of BUPT’s teaching, scientific research and discipline construction, paid high tribute to all the people who had made great efforts for the cooperation, and extended warm congratulations on the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement.



He pointed out that, for a long time, BUPT had been closely associated with China Post Group and inherited the same historical mission. “Reaching everyone everywhere” is BUPT’s unchanged original aspiration as well as China Post’s unswerving pursuit. At present, the information and communication technology represented by 5G and artificial intelligence is leading the fourth industrial revolution. With the rapid integration of the Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and other technologies with traditional industries, a new round of science and technology revolution and industry transformation is booming around the world, which has also brought a once-in-a-lifetime historic opportunity for the rapid development and transformation and upgrading of the postal industry. He also hoped that through combination of BUPT’s advantage of information technology discipline and the resource advantage of China Post, BUPT would further create a new mode of integration between industry and education to better serve national strategies and foster high quality professional and technical talents urgently needed by modern postal industry at the time of economic transformation and upgrading.


In his speech, Liu Aili mentioned as an employee working in the industry of posts and telecommunications for so many years, he was glad to visit BUPT on its 65th anniversary. He said BUPT and China Post shared the same profound historical origin and both were an integral part of the post. Since its establishment, BUPT has provided China Post with many excellent professional and management talents, giving great support and making great contributions to the sustainable and healthy development of postal service. He expressed sincere thanks to BUPT for its long-term support on behalf of China Post Group.



He said China Post had always adhered to the development strategy of opening up and cooperation and kept a good cooperative relationship with BUPT. The two sides has carried out a number of cooperation on talent cultivation, scientific research and academic exchanges and achieved remarkable results. The strategic cooperation has solid historical foundation, profound historical background and far-reaching strategic significance. He expressed the hope that through deep college and enterprise cooperation, the two sides would set a fine example for the integration of industry, education, research and application to realize mutual complementarity and win-win cooperation. Through deep college and enterprise cooperation, the two sides would create a talent development platform, a joint innovation platform which deeply integrates industry, university, research and application, and a postal service platform which meets the diversified needs of teachers and students.


Liu Aili and Wu Jianwei jointly unveil “China Post Talent Cultivation Base”, “BUPT Talent Cultivation Base”, and “BUPT Ideological Education Base”.


According to the agreement, the two parties will focus on the in-depth integration of new technologies, new forms of business and postal services. Relying on School of Modern Post of BUPT and targeting at informatization, automation and intelligence of postal production operation and business management, the two parties will conduct all-round deep cooperation in talent development, scientific and technological innovation, academic exchanges and postal service innovation to realize mutual benefit, win-win results and mutual development.


In terms of talent development, the two parties will establish a talent cultivation base to jointly carry out postdoctoral cultivation and strengthen the exchanges and interactions of personnel in the field of information technology and priority professional fields. In terms of scientific and technological innovation, the two parties will jointly establish an innovation laboratory or technology research center, and BUPT will provide support in the information technology research, application development so as to realize mutual complementarity. In terms of academic exchanges, the two parties will organize academic exchanges and academic lectures for relevant teachers and technical management staff from time to time. In terms of postal service innovation, the two parties will work together in financial market and capital to further deepen collaboration in delivery service and cooperate in financial service, universal service innovation demonstration, universal service related project research, media publicity, e-commerce, and etc.


BUPT is the first posts and telecommunications institution in New China as well as an important base for scientific and technological talent cultivation in the field of information technology and communications. It is one of the first “Project 211” universities and also joined the “Project 985 Innovation Platform for Superior Discipline”. It has the world-class academic level, educational resources and teaching quality. School of Modern Post of BUPT was founded in October, 2015, and it is the first modern postal college jointly established by Ministry of Education and State Post Bureau.

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