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PSBC joins hands with China UnionPay to launch digital bankcards
PSBC joins hands with China UnionPay to launch digital bankcards
| China Post |2020-10-22

As one of the first batch of commercial banks cooperating with China UnionPay in its digital bankcard project, PSBC recently launched a PSBC-UnionPay digital credit card. The process of card application and collection is completely digitalized, providing cardholders with a fast, smooth and safe payment experience.

The PSBC-UnionPay digital credit card has three characteristics in digital financial services. First, card application and payments are made swift and easy. With QuickPass app and PSBC Credit Card app as the main access, customers applying online can receive the card verification text message within 1 minute, and then they can activate the card immediately through PSBC Credit Card app. Second, payments are greatly secured. Based on the latest security payment technology, cardholder’s identity, card number and other sensitive information are protected throughout the payment process by all-around technologies including tokenization, channel encryption and real-time risk monitoring. Customers' funds and personal information are thus safeguarded. Third, an interconnected payment experience is enabled. Relying on the Token 2.0 digital payment framework, customers can quickly push their cards to e-commerce retailers, public transit providers or e-wallets as they wish.

As the first platinum credit card product with virtual card function launched by PSBC, the PSBC-UnionPay digital credit card has been officially issued nationwide. This card is mainly oriented to online and young customers. It can provide cardholders with various benefits and payment services both at home and abroad. All the customers applying for the card can enjoy rich benefits, such as 100,000 points for first swiping, online membership, vouchers, etc. New customers can enjoy an exclusive 100-yuan gift card for books. At the same time, cardholders can also participate in the "Happy Family Day" theme activities in various businesses covering entertainment, food, travelling and shopping every Saturday.

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