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PSBC and JD Digits jointly promote the finance digital transformation
PSBC and JD Digits jointly promote the finance digital transformation
| China Post |2020-10-21

On October 15, Postal Savings Bank of China (hereinafter referred to as PSBC) and JD Digits held a signing ceremony of comprehensive strategic partnership agreement in Beijing. Guo Xinshuang, President of PSBC, and Chen Shengqiang, Chief Executive Officer of JD Digits, attended and witnessed the signing ceremony. Qu Jiawen, Vice President of PSBC, and Yang Hui, Vice President of JD Digits, signed the agreement on behalf of both sides. According to the agreement, focusing on personal finance, corporate finance, asset management and financial technology, PSBC and JD Digits will promote business cooperation in co-branded credit card, digital marketing, consumer credit, electronic payment as well as small and micro enterprise loans, jointly promoting finance digital transformation.

As a large state-owned commercial bank, PSBC has nearly 40,000 business outlets and serves more than 600 million individual customers. It has always adhered to its positioning of serving “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, urban and rural residents, and small and medium-sized enterprises. Meanwhile, PSBC also accelerates the transformation into a new type of data-driven retail bank featuring coordinated channels, retail-wholesale integration and efficient operation. PSBC attaches great importance to cooperation with Internet companies, and actively explores new approaches to cooperation in such areas as serving the real economy, practicing inclusive finance, and boosting consumption upgrades.

Hatched in Jingdong Group, JD Digits is committed to providing all-round digital solutions for financial institutions, merchants and enterprises, governments and other clients. Based on the new generation of information technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, etc., JD Digits provides customers with all-round services of “Technology plus Industry plus Ecosystem”, and creates “TIE” mode of industrial digitization.

PSBC has always maintained a good cooperative relationship with JD Digits. Relying on JD Digits’ ecological scene, supply chain capability and community retail product technical service capability, PSBC has launched a couple of services, including “PSBC Canteen”, and has continuously carried out multi-scenario and multi-dimensional digital marketing services. In the future, PSBC will further deepen cooperation with JD Digits and accelerate finance digital transformation, so as to offer more convenient and high-quality financial services for urban and rural residents, provide more accurate and efficient financial support for small and medium-sized enterprises, and better serve the development of the real economy and the improvement of people’s livelihood.

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