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China Post fully supports the successful holding of the 3rd CIIE
China Post fully supports the successful holding of the 3rd CIIE
| China Post |2020-10-27

The 3rd China International Import Expo (CIIE) will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai from November 5 to 10, 2020. Shanghai Postal Branch shouldered once again the responsibility of certificate delivery service, to provide rapid, accurate, safe and convenient first-class delivery services for the Expo.

The delivery service of CIIE certificates is quite a complex work. In addition to meeting the high standard mailing requirements of EMS mails for VIP customers, the Postal Branch should also consider the personalized delivery requirements of the CIIE Bureau, and work closely with the Bureau to ensure full epidemic prevention and control.

To ensure the smooth delivery service of CIIE certificates,Shanghai Postal Branch selected a team of more than 60 able staff members with professional competency and strong discipline from Qingpu District Postal Branch. The team would provide professional package service in terms of processes like theincluding handover of certificates, information collection, mail collection, dispatching and forwarding, escorted transportation, proactive customer service, and information feedback. In order to complete the delivery of all certificates within three weeks, the whole service team gave up their rest time during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday, fully committed to their work at the Expo delivery center, and raced against time with high-pressure work each day.

At the same time, Shanghai Postal Branch has also worked energetically in the preparations for on-site services inside the venue. In response to the display requirements for Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the Branch innovated its booth display to provide customers with a full range of integrated postal services including product sales and delivery. In addition to that, the Branch, for the first time, launched series of promotional activities such as "one theme per day" and "points for gifts", attracting customers to the booth to show postal corporate culture in the new era. 

Different from previous Expos, this CIIE is convened at the special time against the COVID-19 pandemic. Shanghai Postal Branch is making active efforts to cooperate with the CIIE Bureau to implement epidemic prevention and control work, and effectively protect the public health security of the third CIIE. Except for the entry pass being put inside the envelope, Shanghai Postal Branch also enclosed a notice about COVID-19 prevention and control for participants of the third China International Import Expo", informing each CIIE participant of the epidemic prevention and control matters such as providing negative nucleic acid test result, wearing masks appropriately, and registration of health code.

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