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Maritime mail route between Shandong and Japan officially opened
Maritime mail route between Shandong and Japan officially opened
| China Post News |2020-11-10

At 11:15 on October 28, a mail truck carrying 232 surface parcels weighing 4,187 kilograms to Japan left Qingdao Exchange Office and arrived at Huangdao port in the afternoon, the parcels would then be dispatched to Japan on a Saturday freighter. This is the first batch of surface mail to Japan shipped from Qingdao, indicating that the maritime mail route between Shandong and Japan has begun its normal operation.

According to the data released by Shandong provincial government, the total value of import and export from Shandong to Japan reached 113.49 trillion yuan (about 17.25 trillion USD) in the first three quarters of this year.  In order to meet the needs of international mail service to Japan to the greatest extent, Shandong Postal Branch has been actively developing multi-channel and multi-mode international mail routes. Compared with the transit route via Tianjin or Shanghai, the maritime mail route between Qingdao, Shandong and Yokohama, Japan opened this time, reduces transportation time by 2-4 days, thus reducing the overall time of surface mail from Shandong to Japan.



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