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5G empowers China Post’s digitization upgrading
5G empowers China Post’s digitization upgrading
| China Post News |2020-11-13

On November 8, the first 5G Industry Summit and China Manufacturing International Forum was held in Beijing Conference Center, co-hosted by China Communications Industry Association (CCIA), Research Institute of Machinery Industry Economic & Management and the magazine Economy. At the forum, the inauguration ceremony of “Super Postcode Innovation Laboratory” was conducted by its sponsors, China Post Group and CCIA5G.

It is known that the super postcode system, as an internet based innovative product developed by the Parcel, Express and Logistics Business Unit of China Post Group, highlights the responsibility of universal postal service, and is targeted at application scenarios of express delivery. The digitization of dedicated mailboxes is to revitalize the digital asset of postal codes, thereby developing the super postcode into a “traffic access port” based on location service in the era of 5G and Internet of Things. Extending traditional six-digit postcode, the super postcode system consists of two types of postcodes, the institution postcodes and individual ones to achieve precise location. Users can receive and send express mail in a more convenient and private manner. At the same time, it can also assist the Ministry of Public Security and State Post Bureau to effectively promote the real name policy for express mail, which fully manifests the political and social responsibilities of China Post lying in its universal postal service.

The relevant principal of the Parcel, Express and Logistics Business Unit of China Post Group delivered a key-note speech themed by “5G Empowers China Post’s Digitization Upgrading” at the forum and introduced the application scenarios of new technologies like 5G telecommunications and Internet of Things in postal industry, including 5G pickup and delivery intelligent terminals, 5G unmanned processing centers, “5G+” intelligent vision system, postal routes enabling self-driving vehicles, unmanned delivery vehicles and drones. The principal of Information Technology Department of the Unit elaborated on the plan of opening the super postcode project platform and expressed the intention of joint construction with CCIA and other relevant partners. According to him, the parties concerned will conduct in-depth cooperation in the fields of standards setting and pilot application of new technologies through capital-driven and industry open ecosystem mode.

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