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China Post Group urges stricter prevention and control against second wave of COVID-19
China Post Group urges stricter prevention and control against second wave of COVID-19
| China Post |2020-11-26

Recently, China Post Group Corporation Limited released a Notice on Further Adopting Vigorous Measures to Prevent Imported Cases Responding to the Global “Second Wave” of the Epidemic (hereinafter referred to as the Notice), urging postal enterprises to further adopt vigorous measures to prevent imported COVID-19 cases, coordinate regular epidemic control and postal business development.

The Notice called for in-depth implementation of the guiding principles embodied in General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech and decisions and plans on guarding against imported cases made by the CPC Central Committee and State Council, promoting the great spirit of battling the COVID-19 epidemic, clearly identifying control responsibilities, strictly and effectively continuing to do all the work related to prevent imported cases without any letup in postal enterprises, and launching a resolute and prolonged battle against imported cases.

The Notice emphasized strengthening a systematic approach and taking targeted measures. It is necessary that postal enterprises should further implement strict control responsibilities and cooperate with local governments to implement responsibilities. Under the unified deployment of the local work mechanism for joint prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic, it is urged that postal enterprises should effectively strengthen communication and coordination with such relevant authorities as health, customs, immigration border control and other units in information sharing and coordinated development, as well as strengthen the system of epidemic prevention and control. It is required that postal enterprises should combine regular targeted control with local emergency response and take local sporadic outbreaks as typical cases to strengthen risk research and judgment, timely locate and make up deficiencies, not letting up on any front of the long-term fight against COVID-19.

The Notice required the prevention of virus transmission through both people and goods, and stricter prevention and control of virus transmission through imported cold-chain channels. Taking strict measures against imported cases, relevant departments must get timely information of the routing, business volume, and delivery requirements of the international incoming express mails, implementing upgrade epidemic control for the processing of imported cold-chain express mails. It is required that postal enterprises should strictly check customs clearance documents for imported cold-chain express mails, implement disinfection and ventilation of the processing sites and transportation vehicles and protective measures of workers that involves international express mails, according to the working plan on comprehensive disinfection of imported cold-chain foods released by Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council.

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