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New generation business channel system of China Post Group tested online in Fujian
New generation business channel system of China Post Group tested online in Fujian
| China Post News |2020-12-01

On the evening of November 20, the new generation of business channel system (hereinafter referred to as the New System) of China Post Group Co., Ltd. (China Post Group) was successfully tested online in Fujian Postal Branch.

With the development of the market, business transformation and advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing, the existing business information system of the postal enterprise has gradually exposed its defects. In order to give full play to the important role of the business channels of the post and other entities in supporting the strategic planning of China Post Group, meet the needs of business acceptance, and provide more comprehensive and streamlined data analysis, China Post Group has developed the New System which can provide strong support for the delicacy management of postal production and decision making.

The New System is an important project which was set up by China Post Group this year, and Fujian Postal Branch has been appointed to first pilot the system in China. A leading team has been organized by Fujian Postal Branch in order to successfully bring the new system online. With the elaborate organization and close cooperation of the Channel Department, Information Office, General Office, and Marketing Department, under the unified deployment of China Post Group, and with the support of the various technical units, Fujian Postal Branch has completed staff training, data cleaning and migration, pressure test and business function test of the new system, etc.

To insure the successful launch of the New System on the evening of November 20, and the official operation on November 21, a joint working team has been set up, which is composed of experts from Channel & Platform Division of China Post Group, China Postal Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Channel Department and Information Office of Fujian Postal Branch, Henan Postal Branch, Gansu Postal Branch, and Goton Electronic Co., Ltd. The working team issue commands through online video system, and ensure the success of the online test. Up to now, the New System has been put into operation in 1,358 outlets in Fujian province, and the overall operation of the system is stable and smooth.

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