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Themed Post Office established for 27th CIAF
Themed Post Office established for 27th CIAF
| China Post Media Smart Platform |2020-11-11

After a long period of anticipation and preparation, the 27th China International Advertising Festival (CIAF) will be held from November 15 to 17, with its main venue situated in the picturesque city of Xiamen (also nicknamed as Egret Island). Throughout the Festival, a number of thematic forums and resources appraisal sessions will be organized to jointly discuss the transformation of radio and television media and provide a broader stage for the cooperation between media and businesses. Compared with previous ones, the 27th CIAF this year will be larger in scale and more diverse in interactive modes. With over 300 exhibitors from different fields registered to show their novel and fantastic content IP, the Festival will be as much a carnival of creativity for different industries as a gathering of advertisers.

China Post has participated in CIAF every year, and this year is no exception. What surprises will the China Post booth bring us in the 27th CIAF? Let’s find them out. Located at C4-2 in Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center, the China Post booth strives to be innovative in booth construction, exhibits selection and service, highlighting the feature of Xiamen as a coastal tourist resort. China Post is no longer the old-fashioned State-owned enterprise, as in many people’s mind, that can only send letters. It is full of vitality, just like its booth. The China Post booth is a themed post office specially built for the 27th CIAF, which will officially open from November 15 to 17.



The Letter to the Future site combines the nostalgic elegance of Xiamen with the trendy dynamic represented by the advertisers. It outlines the landscape of Xiamen City with neon lights and frames it in a stamp-like shape. Visitors can freeze the present moment in a letter and drop it into the nearby postbox accommodating these letters to the future.



In the Postcard DIY area, hundreds of award-winning works of the 4th China Postcard Design Contest are "falling from the sky" in the shape of waves, implying that the power of China’s culture and creativity is surging like waves.

The parcel lockers of China Post Sposter, a great helper of online shopping accessible in buildings and residential communities, will also appear at CIAF this year, and serve as "blind boxes of happiness", sending surprise gifts to visitors.

Creative philatelic products released by China Post are to be displayed in colorful Rubik’s cubes, which breaks the conventional way of exhibition and implies that China Post will bring more creative cultural products and surprises.

This year marks the first year for CIAF to settle permanently in Xiamen. In honor of this event, China Post is to specially issue a series of philatelic products including 1 stamp, 2 postcards, 3 first day covers and 4 commemorative postmarks. Among them, the mysterious and low-profile “personalized stamp customization with thematic portraits” will strikingly appear at the Festival. With particularly simplified and accelerated approval procedures, the personalized stamps can be simply produced by scanning a QR code, which will leave visitors a sweet memory with CIAF.




The postcards take the shapes of CIAF logo and bougainvillea glabra, the city flower of Xiamen, highlighting Xiamen's scenery of “the city on the sea, and sea in the city”.



It is worth mentioning that China Post will also bring two “Easter eggs” to the 27th CIAF: two color franking marks. This is the first time for color franking marks to be used at an international conference held in Fujian.



Welcome guests to contact, visit, experience and take a rest at the most artistic and fun CIAF theme post office in history!


The actual products may differ from the above pictures.


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