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China Postal Express & Logistics teams up with Cainiao Guoguo
China Postal Express & Logistics teams up with Cainiao Guoguo
| China Post |2020-12-30

On December 29, China Postal Express & Logistics Co., Ltd. (China Postal Express & Logistics) and Zhejiang Cainiao Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement on jointly setting up Cainiao Guoguo (the parcel delivery service under Alibaba Group’s Cainiao Smart Network) agent service points. The two parties have agreed that consumers can enjoy mailing services of return and exchange of e-commerce goods previously handled by Cainiao Guoguo at the nearest cooperative postal outlets via platform traffic redirection.



The strategic cooperation signed by the two parties is an important step for China Post Group and Alibaba Group in terms of cooperation in delivery services after the signing of strategic cooperation framework agreement in 2014. In recent years, there has been a strong demand for e-commerce goods returns and personal delivery services from the consumer side.

With its advantages of more than 8,000 collection and delivery offices, 54,000 post offices, and 420,000 Ule (China Post online e-commerce platform) offline points with complete information systems covering the urban and rural areas throughout the country, China Post Group cooperate with Cainiao Guoguo to launch the innovative business model of mailing at the postal outlets to achieve a win-win situation. As of 2020, the two parties have jointly built more than 22,000 partnered Cainiao Guoguo agent service points, ranking first in the whole courier industry when it comes to the number of outlets connecting to the network of Cainiao.



In 2021, the two parties will continue to deepen their cooperation and plan to build no less than 30,000 new agent service outlets, and lay out more cooperative outlets nationwide to benefit more consumers, especially those in the lower-level markets, with convenient return and exchange shipping service, making the cooperative outlets an important infrastructure project for more convenient personal delivery services.

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