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China Post to issue stamp commemorating Civil Code enforcement
China Post to issue stamp commemorating Civil Code enforcement
| China Post News |2020-12-30



China Post is to issue a set of commemorative stamp (1 piece) entitled The Enforcement of the Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China on January 1, 2021. The face value of this stamp is 1.20 yuan, and the planned circulation is to be 8 million sets.

The 3rd session of the 13th National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China voted and passed the Civil Code on May 28, 2020. This is a major achievement of China’s socialist rule of law in the new era. Civil law is the fundamental and comprehensive law in the field of civil affairs. By systematically integrating, compiling and amending the current civil legal system in China, the Civil Code has become a code which is scientific in style, rigorous in structure, reasonable in norms and complete and coordinated in contents, and which meets the requirements of the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and conforms to China's national conditions and reality.

This set of stamp is presented in graphic design with a clear theme and prominent key points. The main picture is red, with the solemn national emblem shining with golden light. The use of straight lines around the design strengthens the visual effect of thick texts, emphasizing the seriousness and authority of the Civil Code, and creating a solemn effect. This set of stamps is designed by Xing Wenwei and printed by Shenyang Posts and Telecommunications Printing House of Liaoning Province through offset printing (partial embossing technology).

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