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Beijing Postal Branch successfully serves 2nd UN Global Sustainable Transport Conference
Beijing Postal Branch successfully serves 2nd UN Global Sustainable Transport Conference
| China Post |2021-10-19

In accordance with the overall arrangement of Beijing Postal Branch, Yayuncun Post Office in Chaoyang District established a temporary post office in China National Convention Center from October 14 to 16, offering postal services for the Second United Nations Global Sustainable Transport Conference. During the period, they provided postal services for the delegates and staff involved in the conference, such as philatelic products sales and postal marks collection, letter and parcel delivery services. The temporary post office was open as late as 10 p.m. each day. According to statistics, the sales of philatelic products reached 120,000 yuan (about 18,245 US dollars) and mail collected was over 3000 pieces in three days. Besides, all the mail was dispatched as early as possible on the night of October16.



The “voice postcard”, issued by Beijing Postal Branch, became the “star product” at the Conference. Postal staff offered services like printing voice postcards and stamping commemorative postmarks to guests from home and abroad and ambassadors from different countries in the postal business interactive experience area. Within three days, the number of customers they served was over 2000. Because the number of people waiting to print voice postcards was so large that two more printers were installed besides the original two so as to better satisfy the needs of customers.



By scanning the QR code on the screen of the machine and posting their pictures with a clip of their voice message, visitors can print postcards with their voice embedded in the QR code within less than two minutes. Once the customer scans the QR code, he can share the clip of voice and store the treasure of this special moment. As a perfect combination of scientific elements and personal sentiments, the creative voice postcard became one of the most popular experience activities on the spot.



Besides, as an innovative carrier, the voice postcard makes up for the emotions beyond words. It also attracted the attention of relevant companies like Baidu and Beijing Daxing International Airport, which proposed their intention for cooperation with Beijing Postal Branch.

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