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China Post Securities and CAIH sign strategic cooperation agreement
China Post Securities and CAIH sign strategic cooperation agreement
| China Post |2021-10-29

On October 28, China Post Securities Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as China Post Securities) and China Aerospace Investment Holdings Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CAIH) held a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony in Beijing. Guo Chenglin, Chief Accountant of China Post Group Corporation Limited (China Post Group) and Chairman of China Post Securities, and Han Shuwang, Chairman of CAIH, witnessed the signing. Bu Yanhong, President of China Post Securities, and Xie Yun, President of CAIH, signed the agreement on behalf of both sides.



China Post Securities is a securities-oriented financial subsidiary absolutely controlled by China Post Group. With its business covering investment banking, asset management, wealth management, etc., it is an important channel for China Post Group to provide customers with all kinds of financial services. Over the past year, China Post Securities has further optimized its organizational structure by focusing on the keynote of adjustment, reform and improvement. It has established a clear hierarchical authorization system, and pressed ahead with the implementation of the personnel management reform in accordance with the MD ranking system. China Post Securities will gradually establish a market-oriented mechanism in selecting and appointing executives and for offering incentives and imposing constraints, and foster a culture where performance is valued, to ensure the long-term sustainability of the company in the future.



As an investment management entity and a platform for capital operation and strategic cooperation authorized by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), and with a managed capital of over 200 billion RMB (31.26 billion USD), CAIH performs such functions entrusted by the CASC as industry incubation, resources integration, strategic acquisitions, and investment and financing. It aims at emerging industries related to aerospace, such as satellite and electronic information, special equipment manufacturing, new energy and new materials, as well as energy conservation and environmental protection. In recent years, it has actively coordinated resources, cultivated industrial investment, boosted the aerospace industry and served the national economy through value creation and self-development, and developed into a world-class investment company in aerospace industry.



According to the agreement, China Post Securities and CAIH, based on the principle of "complementary advantages, mutual benefit and common development", will collaborate closely to explore business cooperation opportunities in such areas as equity financing, debt financing, alternative investment, product investment and wealth management, and speed up the development of securities financial services and other related services for both parties. China Post Securities will give full play to its synergistic advantages with other financial businesses in China Post Group, such as the Postal Savings Bank of China, China Post Life Insurance Co., Ltd., to provide comprehensive financial services for CAIH.

Recently, China Post Securities has continuously strengthened its cooperation with other companies. In addition to CAIH, it has established strategic cooperation with China Construction Capital Holdings Limited, Sinochem Capital Co., Ltd, China Enterprise Cloud Chain and other regional financial holdings platforms.

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