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PSBC named Excellent Pioneer Honorary Institution by CCDC
PSBC named Excellent Pioneer Honorary Institution by CCDC
| China Post News |2021-11-04

At the 2021 CCDC Collateral Management International Forum held by China Central Depository & Clearing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CCDC) on October 22, Postal Savings Bank of China (hereinafter referred to as PSBC), together with other five financial institutions, was named Excellent Pioneer Honorary Institution.

Since its foundation, “China Bond Collateral” service has been committed to developing itself into a “liquidity hub” and “risk management hub” of the Renminbi financial system, expanding its business and product types in the fields of public policy and market service, establishing a fully functional, all-sectoral and globalized collateral management platform.

In June 2011, PSBC, as the vanguard in the field of collateral management, completed its first pledge business of agreement deposit of commercial banks. Since then, PSBC has been actively extending the application fields of collateral management, facilitating innovative development in collateral sector.

With regard to pledged repo, PSBC actively delivers monetary policies of the People’s Bank of China and fulfills its responsibility as a primary dealer to provide liquidity support for the market, and has been honored as Pivot Dealer, Excellent Dealer in Monetary Market and so on in succession.

With regard to bond lending, PSBC has developed related business at a fast speed in recent years, which makes it an important contributor to the bond market. PSBC actively leverages its strength in full coverage of bond positions, focuses on meeting diversified needs of market participants on securities lending, promoting market participants to improve quality of financial collateral, and facilitating the management of market liquidity.

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