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PSBC Wealth Management regains Golden Bull Award
PSBC Wealth Management regains Golden Bull Award
| China Post News |2021-11-24

The 2021 China Banking Wealth Management Forum and the Second China Banking Wealth Management Golden Bull Award Ceremony sponsored by China Securities Journal were held on November 20. Postal Savings Bank of China Wealth Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as PSBC Wealth Management) won two awards, including the Bank Wealth Management Firm Golden Bull Innovation Award and the Bank Wealth Management Product Golden Bull Award. The company has won the Golden Bull Award for 2 consecutive years, which typifies extensive recognition from the banking circle to PSBC Wealth Management.

As a wealth management subsidiary of the large state-owned commercial bank, PSBC Wealth Management has forged ahead and innovated on the basis of what has worked in the past. It has mostly completed transformation in the year 2021, continually improved its business structure, and achieved sound and efficient operation and development. With the net worth ratio reaching nearly 80%, the scale of products increasing by 10.29%, the number of private clients increasing by 19.13% and that of corporate clients by 145%, it has developed a whole-market, multi-asset and multi-strategy asset allocation featuring an absolute return policy of prudence and low volatility, and an all-inclusive product portfolio.

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