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“ChinaBond CNPSEC Select Carbon-Neutral Green Bond Index” released
“ChinaBond CNPSEC Select Carbon-Neutral Green Bond Index” released
| China Post News |2021-11-15

On November 12, China Post Securities Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as CNPSEC) and ChinaBond Pricing Center Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ChinaBond Pricing Center”) jointly released “ChinaBond CNPSEC Select Carbon-Neutral Green Bond Index”. Both sides will cooperate to boost the high-quality development of green bond market.

In response to the major strategic decisions of “carbon peaking in 2030” and “carbon neutrality in 2060”, CNPSEC has further carried out the green development philosophy, enhanced green finance investment, promoted the development of green and low-carbon financial products and services in an orderly manner, and played an active role in setting up “ChinaBond CNPSEC Select Carbon-Neutral Green Bond Index” in partnership with ChinaBond Pricing Center, to promote green and low-carbon economic and social development. The index opens a convenient channel for domestic and overseas investors to understand China's carbon-neutral green bond market, provides a reference for related investment decisions, stimulates the green and low-carbon investment vitality of market entities, and facilitates the green and low-carbon development of enterprises. The establishment of the index is also an important embodiment of CNPSEC in implementing the national strategic deployment and fulfilling its social responsibility.

“ChinaBond CNPSEC Select Carbon-Neutral Green Bond Index”, as the first institution-customized carbon-neutral green bond index, selects the carbon-neutral green bonds rating no lower than AA+ in ChinaBond Market Implied Rating and issued in China with the duration of 0-3 years (including 3 years). It covers carbon-neutral green bonds circulated in interbank markets and exchange markets, such as green enterprise bonds, financial bonds, non-financial institution debt financing instruments, corporate bonds, etc. The constituents of the index have high credit rating and can be used as the performance benchmark and underlying index for investment in such bonds. CNPSEC will provide a diversity of application scenarios of the index, attract more social resources to invest in green and low-carbon enterprises by setting up various products linked to the index, so as to provide more financial support to green industries and green enterprises. “ChinaBond CNPSEC Select Carbon-Neutral Green Bond Index” will be released daily on the trading day of China's interbank bond market. Users can query the index through https://www.chinabond.com.cn, or query and download data through authorized information providers such as Wind Information Technology Co., Ltd.

ChinaBond Pricing Center, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Central Depository & Clearing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CCDC), is a benchmark pricing platform built by CCDC in the past two decades based on its neutrality and professionalism as a central securities depository. ChinaBond indices, as important reference to reflect domestic Renminbi bond market, are the first choices to track underlying index and pin the performance benchmark for bond investment. CNPSEC is a securities-oriented financial subsidiary absolutely controlled by China Post Group Co., Ltd. with multiple business qualifications. It is committed to providing various professional securities and financial services for individuals and institutions. CNPSEC has set up branches in more than 20 provinces and cities to provide comprehensive services so as to give full support to the development of real economy and enhance the growth of personal wealth.

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