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China Post deepens cooperation with local governments to facilitate economic and social development
China Post deepens cooperation with local governments to facilitate economic and social development
| China Post News |2021-11-09

Cooperation between government and China Post can bring concrete benefit to the government and profit to China Post, and gain public satisfaction and win-win results. Since 2018, China Post has successively signed cooperation agreements with governments of Qinghai, Heilongjiang, Liaoning (including Dalian city), Shandong, Guizhou, Jiangsu (including Nanjing city), Henan, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Hainan and other provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities); 23 provincial-level postal branches and China Post Advertising Company Limited have signed 105 cooperation agreements with local authorities. The government-postal cooperation has achieved positive results in serving rural revitalization, supporting local economic development, facilitating reform of government functions and development of logistics system at county, township and even village levels, guaranteeing people’s needs, and assisting in the development of cultural and tourism industry.

China Post has earnestly fulfilled its economic, political and social responsibilities as an enterprise directly under the central government. While offering universal postal service and special services, it has continually improved its function of connecting government, people and businesses, vigorously developed inclusive financial services, and quickened its steps in improving delivery and distribution capacity as well as developing rural ecommerce. Giving full play to the postal infrastructure, it has helped boost local economic and social development.

In terms of universal postal service, China Post takes the institutional arrangement of ensuring equal access to national public services as its main responsibility. Postal branches of Qinghai, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Guizhou, Jiangsu and Jiangxi have achieved a 100% standard compliance rate for the end-to- end time limit of universal postal service. Postal branches of Guizhou, Jiangsu, Henan and Jiangxi have maintained a 100% same-day delivery rate of the People’s Daily to Party and government offices at and above county levels within the provinces. Henan Postal Branch delivered over 6 million mail items during the flood, and opened over 3000 postal outlets to shelter the public.

In terms of financial services, China Post has actively provided financing support for local businesses. Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) Henan Branch has an agricultural loan balance of about 120 billion yuan (about $18.8 billion), Jiangsu Branch about 160 billion yuan (about $25.07 billion). PSBC Jiangxi Branch has about 44 billion yuan (about $6.9 billion) inclusive loan balance for micro and small businesses. PSBC Guangxi Branch has cumulatively provided about 20 billion yuan (about $3.13 billion) in infrastructure loans, and about 34 billion yuan (about $5.33 billion) in manufacturing loans. Jiangxi Branch has cumulatively issued revenue bonds of 3 billion yuan (about $470 million) in city investment projects. Hainan Branch has opened over 80,000 e-CNY personal wallets, and over 100 corporate wallets.

In terms of convenience service, China Post has tried to remove the last crucial hurdle for businesses and the public, with more efforts of postal service and less trouble for the public, making community-level government service more accessible. Liaoning Postal Branch has its postal services penetrated into all 131 government service centers, Shandong Postal Branch into all administration halls of the local governments across the province. Guizhou Postal Branch has postal counters established in all the 110 government service halls across the province. Jiangsu Postal Branch has cumulatively delivered 300,000 social security cards, over 3 million legal documents, and 600,000 land right certificates. Guangxi Postal Branch has set up 25,000 bulletin boards and LED screens publicizing government services.

In terms of cross-border ecommerce, China Post has opened up the main artery of international logistics to satisfy the needs of the government and industries for cross-border ecommerce and ensure the smooth flow of international trade. Liaoning Postal Branch has launched Dalian-Seoul and Dalian-Osaka air routes for all-cargo flights of China Postal Airlines. Henan Postal Branch has cumulatively opened direct flight routes from Zhengzhou to 47 cities in 36 countries (regions), and completed testing the customs transfer function of China-European block train (Zhengzhou) for inbound international mail. Guangxi Postal Branch has conducted over 31 million transactions of cross-border ecommerce exportation, with the value of over 1.1 billion yuan (about $172.3 million). Hainan Postal Branch has signed cooperation agreement on distributing inbound express items with over 50 cross-border ecommerce companies, and declared about 230,000 inbound mail items.

In terms of developing mail transport network, China Post has worked to improve mail processing capacity, and enhance the development of modern logistics. Qinghai Postal Branch has launched China Postal Airlines’ Xining-Nanjing chartered flight. Guizhou Postal Branch has opened 384 mail routes in rural areas, so that all townships in the province are covered by postal network. Jiangsu Postal Branch has opened 1963 rural mail routes. Henan Postal Branch has started cooperation services between postal service and express companies in 7226 villages. Guangxi Postal Branch has had the next-day delivery rate of mail items between areas at and above county level reaching 95%.

In terms of rural vitalization and rural ecommerce, China Post has assisted in rural vitalization, and facilitated the high-quality development of the new types of agribusiness. Jiangxi Postal Branch has built 3 bases for “China Post farm produce”, and nurtured 117 “Laobiaoqing” (a brand name created by Jiangxi Postal Branch for agricultural products) industrial bases. Shandong Postal Branch has helped farmers sell farm produces for over 1.1 billion yuan (about $172.3 million), serving 3.5 million farmers and 11 million mu (over 733,000 hectares) farmland. Jiangsu Postal Branch has helped sell out over 250,000 kg of unsold farm produces.

In terms of parcel, express and logistics services, China Post has strengthened one-stop logistics service to meet people’s growing needs for conveniently sending and collecting express items. Liaoning Postal Branch has set up 50 outlets in different colleges and universities, collecting over 160,000 items and delivering over 900,000 items monthly. Hainan Postal Branch has become the only company providing mailing service for offshore duty-free items, and has mailed 300,000 such items.

In terms of cultural cooperation, China Post has conducted extensive cultural activities by combining postal service with local characteristics. Liaoning Postal Branch has distributed across the province altogether 1.82 million volumes of books on CPC history learning and education, and established 8 revolutionary-themed post offices including the one commemorating the September 18th Incident in Shenyang and the one marking the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea in Dandong. Hainan Postal Branch has joined hands with the Publicity Department of Hainan Provincial Committee of the CPC to carry out activities on CPC history education and publicity, including letter-writing competition for primary and middle school students, writing best wishes to the CPC, and so on.

For the next stage of government-postal cooperation, China Post requires postal branches at all levels to raise their political stance, actively carve out their roles in national strategies, implement major national strategic plans, build a comprehensive postal convenience service platform, assist in rural revitalization, and facilitate government reform, thus integrating into local economic development.

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