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China Post breaks records in business volume and processing capacity during Double 11 Shopping Festival
China Post breaks records in business volume and processing capacity during Double 11 Shopping Festival
| China Post News |2021-11-16

During the Double 11 Shopping Festival (often dubbed as Double 11) this year, China Post’s business volumes in all procedures grew rapidly and set record highs, while the whole network kept running smoothly, thereby the operation of the parcel, express and logistics network achieved remarkable growth in both quantity and quality. On November 11, the volume of express mail service (EMS) recorded well over 10 million items and the volume of express parcel service topped 50 million. On November 12, the parcels and express items handled in the whole network exceeded 100 million, reaching 130 million.

China Post, with multiple measures taken, is committed to delivering satisfactory results to customers and the whole society on this Double 11.

This year, the Parcel, Express and Logistics Business Unit of China Post Group has strengthened centralized management in the headquarters, coordinated its own transportation capacity and that of other organizations, and given full play to multiple modes of transportation like highway, high-speed railway and air transport. In the first phase of Double 11, the trunk line transport efficiency has seen significant improvement. When the collection volume surged over 60%, the number of trucks dispatched on inter-provincial trunk lines increased by merely 11%, with the carrying capacity per vehicle increasing by 27% year on year.

The whole network has kept raising the efficiency of mail centers, and formed an atmosphere of benchmarking and striving for excellence, thus making best preparations for the peak season of Double 11, and leading to greatly improved processing efficiency. From November 1 to 10, the average daily mail sorting volume in the first-tier and second-tier mail centers has been improved by 84% year on year.

Postal branches in different places reduced the processing times by converging the items with the same destination into one mail bag, which greatly released the processing capacity and accelerated the loading and unloading speed of mail items, with the average processing times of a single item decreasing from 2.7 to 2.07.

Various automated processing equipment has been operating smoothly on the whole, and the processing efficiency has been improving steadily, with the average daily processing volume increasing by 84% year on year.

The mode of self pick-up is fully utilized to ensure delivery time limit. As a result, remarkable increase has been achieved in the volume of delivery, and the quality of delivery has been improved steadily. During the peak period, the daily delivery volume exceeded 40 million items, and the same-day delivery rate for parcels and express items in cities surpassed 97%.

All links have formed effective synergy to offer important support for major projects and businesses. They reported timely and coordinated to handle problems every day, and followed through with the transmission and solution of the problems, thereby good results have been yielded.

For China Post, booming orders didn’t lead to shortage of warehousing capacity during this shopping spree. Relying on the warehousing resources of the postal network, the air and land transportation network as well as information technology resources, China Post has constructed an integrated supply chain logistics service system. By making the best use of regional warehouses across the country and pre-sale warehouses in destination cities, all the warehouses of China Post achieved an average ex-warehouse rate of 86% on the first day of the shopping spree, and the scale of cloud warehouse was up by nearly 60% year on year, which facilitated some clients to realize same-day delivery of over 50% of their orders placed on November 11.

During the Double 11 this year, the parcel, express and logistics network operated in fast pace and orderly manner, and its overall efficiency was greatly improved. It is said that China Post will continue to optimize its organization schemes, strengthen its inner coordination, and take effective measures to secure another victory in the forthcoming peak season.

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