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2021 sci-tech innovation achievements of national postal enterprises released
2021 sci-tech innovation achievements of national postal enterprises released
| China Post News |2021-12-16

Recently China Post Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Post Group) has released 88 sci-tech innovation achievements of the national postal enterprises for the year of 2021. Among them, 10 achievements won the first prize, including Research and Practice of Big Data Technology in Intranet Planning of Gansu Province, 19 achievements awarded the second prize, including Application and Practice of AI Technology in Channel Platform Transformation, and 29 achievements the third prize, including Data Collection and Analysis System of Beijing Newspaper and Periodical Subscribers. In addition, 30 achievements, including Construction of One-stand Service Mode Based on Downward Compatibility of Computer Software and Hardware, won the small technological innovation and invention awards. China Post Group has decided to reward those who created the achievements.

In 2021, China Post Group carried out all-staff innovation activities and organized the evaluation of sci-tech innovation achievements of national postal enterprises. The initiative has received positive responses from all sides of the postal enterprises. A total of 35 units have submitted 328 innovative achievements. After evaluation, 88 achievements were rated as national postal enterprise sci-tech innovation achievements.

The award winning achievements are of high value in demonstration and popularization. Focusing on the major tasks of China Post Group, these achievements also reflect the innovation in the process flow, equipment technical transformation, production process optimization, as well as the breakthroughs in service mode, operation mode and business development. The achievements, which are highly innovative, practical and beneficial, have actually solved problems in first-line production and have brought obvious economic and social benefits. China Post Group requires postal enterprises at all levels to conscientiously study and apply these innovation achievements, closely combine them with the actual work, carry out innovation activities involving all staff, stimulate the enthusiasm of grass-root workers for innovations. The postal enterprises should give full play to the driving force of the sci-tech achievements, and vigorously promote innovation so as to make greater contributions to the implementation of the information- oriented development strategy of boosting postal services through science and technology.

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