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China Post’s EMS volume surpasses 10 billion items in 2021
China Post’s EMS volume surpasses 10 billion items in 2021
| China Post News |2021-12-09

As of 3:48 p.m., December 8, 2021, the annual EMS volume of China Post has exceeded 10 billion items. The Leading Party Members’ Group of China Post Group extended warm congratulations on the remarkable achievements made by those who have been working on parcel, express and logistics business by saying: “it is a record high, and more than that, it is a new starting point.”

This new record indicates that relying on the booming industrial market, the parcel, express and logistics business of China Post are demonstrating its vigorous growth momentum.

Since the 13th Five-Year Plan, the volume of China’s express parcels has been increasing by 10 billion items every year, which has become an indication of the continuous expansion of the domestic consumer market. According to Xu Yong, vice president of the express branch of China Communications and Transportation Association, express industry connecting production end and consumption end plays an important role in modern service sector, therefore, express delivery volume has already served as an indicator for economic development.

During the Double 11 shopping spree this year (from November 1 to November 16), the national express volume increased by 18.2% year-on-year. During the same period, the parcel, express and logistics volume of China Post increased by 49.4% year-on-year, far exceeding the industrial average. On November 11, the daily volume of EMS service reached a record of 10 million pieces. Since May this year, domestic parcel, express and logistics business of China Post has kept increasing for seven consecutive months. On December 8, the annual EMS volume reached 10 billion ahead of schedule.

Since 2020, China Post has comprehensively promoted five major reforms in its parcel, express and logistics business, strengthening the core capacity of postal network step by step. The existing postal routes have been continuously optimized. Since the beginning of this year, China Post has optimized more than 400 existing postal routes, and reorganized over 300 routes, which promoted the two-way flow of resources, smoothed the upstream and downstream channel of logistics, completed the construction of a three-tier logistics system at 713 counties (cities), and boosted express business in rural areas. Transportation means has been gradually enriched. China Post has kept enlarging the scale of self-run trunk line vehicles. With over 130 high-speed rail mail routes opened, mail transportation through high-speed trains has facilitated next-day delivery and next-morning delivery. With the fleet of self-own and charter flights expanded to 34 aircrafts, an air transport network connecting both home and abroad has been formed. The mail transport network has become flexible and agile. The land transport network has been transformed to break through tiers and regions. The flat network helps reduce sorting and transit times. Diversified transportation means has constituted the transport backbone network, and fostered a multi-dimensional transport network featuring flexibility, agility, centralized control, and efficient management, which has been deeply integrated into the comprehensive national transport network. The handling capacity has been significantly strengthened. By pushing forward the construction of Nanjing Distribution Center, and airmail processing centers in Hangzhou and Zhengzhou, and optimizing the processing procedures in 90 mail centers, the peak daily mail processing capacity has reached 140 million items. Collection and delivery efficiency as well as service quality have been comprehensively improved. The focus of collection and delivery offices has been transformed from production to service by reforming modes of delivery, operation and networking, as well as incentive mechanism, optimizing the layout of outlets , strengthening the equipment, service management, and collection and delivery capacity.

As of the beginning of 2021, the overall time limit of both EMS and tailored express parcels has exceeded their best level in 2019. The “June 28” full-scale acceleration of China Post’s parcel, express and logistics business has covered over 1000 cities nationwide. As a result, next-day delivery has been realized in many provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and regions, and leapfrog progress has been made in terms of the delivery time limit. During the Double 11 shopping spree this year, China Post not only gained an increase in both business volume and market share, its mail processing, transport, and delivery performance also hit a record high, thus securing achievements that satisfy customers and the whole society.

Liu Aili, Chairman of China Post Group, pointed out that at present, China Post’s parcel, express and logistics business has maintained sound momentum, major businesses have been steadily accelerating, the core capacity of the network has been strengthened, and the cost of key processes has been on the noticeable decline. 2022 is the crucial year for continuing to implement the 14th Five-Year Plan, the final year of the Three-Year Action Plan for SOE Reform, and also the year for China Post to improve its management. As the “national team” of the postal industry, China Post will take the 10 billion record as a new starting point, forge ahead and prepare for the next stage, aiming to present a new image of its parcel, express and logistics business, and unleash the new vitality of high-quality development.

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