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China Post launches Lunar New Year's shopping festival
China Post launches Lunar New Year's shopping festival
| China Post News |2021-12-08

On December 8, the launching ceremony of China Post’s second trade promotion conference on production and sales of agricultural products and Lunar New Year’s shopping festival held in Beijing. The conference aims to further implement the rural vitalization strategy, facilitate postal rural cooperation project benefiting agriculture, develop the brand of "China Post Agricultural Products", build the service system for matching supply with demand, and make every effort to expand the scale of rural e-commerce business flow. Kang Ning, Vice President of China Post Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Post Group), attended the launching ceremony and delivered a speech. Kang Ning and the heads from other related departments of China Post Group jointly kicked off the 2022 Lunar New Year’s shopping festival. Meituan Select, Lianguo Supply Chain Company, Xianji Supply Chain Company and Huafeng Tianji Supply Chain Company signed contracts with China Post Group on site. Heads of Syngenta Group China, Xinhuanet Co., Ltd., People’s Health Network Co., Ltd., COFCO Corporation, JD Fresh and related departments of China Post Group attended the ceremony. The transaction value for the agricultural products is expected to exceed 1 billion yuan (about 157.11 million US dollars) through the activity.

Over the years, China Post has been committed to serving "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", providing support for cooperation project benefiting agriculture, comprehensively serving new-type agricultural operators, and focusing on solving the difficulties of financing, sales and logistics by giving full play to postal resource advantages. Preliminary results have been achieved in solving the difficulty in sales through such practical measures as constructing agricultural product bases, fostering particular e-commerce platform and building supply-demand matching system. Since 2020, agricultural product bases and related supply chain have been planned and built in areas with obvious agricultural produce advantages and better postal foundation. Up to now, 100 postal agricultural product bases have been built in 31 provinces in China. China Post Group has integrated its resources, strengthened online transformation, strived to build an e-commerce platform through ULE for featured agricultural products, and has been committed to providing high quality agricultural products with original taste and flavor from original place with lower price and better service to customers. Guided by the principle of online and offline integration and internal and external cooperation, China Post Group has joined its own advantages in postal sourcing, warehouse distribution, quality control, channels and clients with those of other major players, and has preliminarily established the omni-channel supply-demand matching system combining direct procurement from production bases, cross-industry cooperation, platform retail and direct supply to end users. Since this year, the cumulative transaction volume of self-operated agricultural products has reached nearly 7 billion yuan (about 1.1 billion US dollars). Kang Ning fully affirmed the achievements of postal e-commerce in actively promoting the selling of agricultural products to cities by giving full play to its advantages.

Specific requirements on how to effectively grasp the opportunity and comprehensively promote the sales and rapid development of agricultural products in the next step have been put forward at the conference. First, three platforms will be fostered to enhance the service capacity of postal rural e-commerce. Particular effort will be made to push forward the restructuring of ULE and expand and strengthen ULE.com so as to build an e-commerce platform for featured agricultural products, a new rural retail platform and a postal member service platform. Second, three key tasks will be carried out, including expanding product systems, strengthening operation services and expanding the scale of sales, thus rapidly enlarging the business flow of agricultural products going into cities. In addition, 150 postal agricultural product bases are planned to be built in 2022. Third, preparations for the shopping festival" should be made carefully, ensuring adequate investment, strict quality control, well-organized promotions, enough publicity and mobilization, ample supporting policies and proper supervision.

It is reported that the festival will be held from December 15 this year to January 25 next year. Focusing on ULE.com, ULE store, ULE fresh, ULE system and ULE stations, it will launch ten promotional activities, including "red envelope rain", "super brand day", "ULE store growth plan" and "two-way traffic drive between postal outlets and ULE stations". Aligning with thousands of businesses, China Post Group will benefit millions of postal customers with such activities. During the festival, 100 million yuan (about 15.71 million US dollars) incentives will be fed back to both new and old customers of the platform and the shopkeepers of ULE system.

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