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YangZhen’s Journey premieres in Hong Kong
YangZhen’s Journey premieres in Hong Kong
| China Post News |2021-12-24



After the premiere of the film YangZhen’s Journey in Beijing and Yunnan, it debuted in Hong Kong on December 22. China Media Group, China News Service and other media made live reports.

Presented in a realistic style, the film is adapted from the real-life story of Nima lamu, the first rural postwoman giving a speech at a meeting of the Universal Postal Union. 

It vividly shows a moving story of a postwoman sliding ropeways across the Lanchang River and walking on the rough mail route of Shangri-la year in and year out for ten consecutive years to deliver mail items to the recipients in time and to serve as a bridge between the local people in deep mountains and the outside world.

At the Hong Kong premiere, the film producer, Yu Yue, shared his pleasure and pains in the course of filming. Yusuke Hatano, the film score composer, talked about the uniqueness of the film soundtrack. The cast and Nima Lamu, the prototype whom the protagonist is modeled on, attended via a video link and wished success to the premiere.

The organizer invited people from all walks of life and staff of Hong Kong Post to watch the film at the premiere, where over 600 people were present. After the film screening, the audience said that watching the film enabled them to experience a baptism of their soul. With lively characters, wonderful stories and picturesque scenery, the film led them to appreciate the great rivers and mountains of the motherland and feel the mail carriers’ professional spirit that mission must be delivered. According to staff members of Hong Kong Post, the film has brought them thrilled experience, and vividly showed the greatness in the ordinary. They were able to feel the belief, faith and confidence and sense the persistence and devotion behind the simple story of mail carriers.

It is understood that YangZhen’s Journey is shooted under the guidance of the Office of Cultural-Ethical Progress Guidance Committee of the State Post Bureau, with the authorization and assistance of China Post Group Corporation Limited. After being publicly released on the Chinese mainland on November 5, the film has received extensive attention and acclaim from all walks of life, as well as full recognition and encouragement from China Film Administration. It has been selected as one of the top 30 excellent cases of Culture and Tourism Brands at the 6th Boao International Tourism Communication Forum in 2021. It has also been praised by professionals at overseas film festivals in the U.S., Bangladesh and other countries.

The above picture shows audience at the Hong Kong premiere giving a thumb-up to YangZhen’s Journey.

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