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The second charter flight route for EMS chilled meat delivery launched in Xining
The second charter flight route for EMS chilled meat delivery launched in Xining
| China Post |2021-12-20

At 00: 32 am on December 17, China Postal Airlines’ Flight CF9121 took off from Xining Caojiapu International Airport and arrived at Nanjing Lukou International Airport at 2:30 am. It is the second charter flight route China Post has opened in the 2021-2022 period for EMS fresh delivery of chilled meat after the launch of Lanzhou-Nanjing route on December 12. This route, operated by the B737-800F aircraft, will run one flight a day until the Spring Festival of 2022. It is also the second time for Xining, Northwest China's Qinghai province, to open a charter flight route for chilled meat.

Based on the unified arrangement of China Post Group Parcel, Express and Logistics Business Unit, China Postal Airlines planned in advance and opened the Xining-Nanjing flight route after comprehensively coordinating and optimizing the air route and flight.



Before the opening of the flight route, postal branches of Qinghai and Gansu had already been marketing their transportation by charter flight, which had been widely accepted by clients on chilled meat delivery service of China Post.

According to an official of China Postal Airlines whose duty is to support the Xining flight route, 17.5 tons of fresh mutton was loaded onto the flight on the first day, which directly broke the peak in 2020. Since the Lanzhou-Nanjing flight route for EMS fresh delivery of chilled meat began operating last week, the carrying capacity has been keeping at a high level. Therefore, it is evident that charter flight route for EMS fresh delivery has fully exerted its core role in effectively improving the time limit of EMS items in the EMS fresh delivery project of chilled meat from Qinghai and Gansu provinces, and in supporting the operation and development of EMS service in the two provinces. The official said: “I participated in the charter flight project for chilled mutton in Yinchuan and Xining last year. So I feel deeply that the EMS fresh delivery project has a bright future in western China. And I should extend my respect to all my colleagues who are working in the front line of marketing, collection and delivery, hoping our volume will hit a new high!”

Currently, the postal outlets that cover both urban and rural areas together with the charter flight transportation of China Postal Airlines have become the optimal channel for outward transport of the high-quality beef and mutton in northwestern China.

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